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Prayer Requests

-Please keep Robers, Maguy,  the girls (Nemy, Baly, Kimberly, Samantha in Canada and Elidia in Haiti) and Grace Corps in your prayers
- Pray for the Lord's blessings to be poured on us abundantly.
- More of the children in the schools are in need of help.


Grace Corps Power Point Presentation:

Kirk Franklin Relief song for Haiti.

An old video made in the 1940's about Haiti.

Entrance of the city of Pestel. One of the jewels of our little villages/cities. Pestel is the first site where we began our Promotion of Christian Education project. The late Past. Maxene and his now deceased brother former Mayor of Pestel Laval took us under their wings and help us to establish one of our most rewarding sites. Today we refer to it as Pestel/Baraderes (as opposed to the other site Pestel/Mamolette) because it includes teachers from the town of Pestel, the Islands of Cayimites, the villages of Zetroit, Binard, Aux Basses, Fond Palmiste and others.



On one of our trips to Pestel. You will see the crossing of Riviere Glace (Ice River), The very bad shape of the road and a typical mountain house with the children runing. We stop and gave them some of the toys that we had for the distribution