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-Please keep Robers, Maguy,  the girls (Nemy, Baly, Kimberly, Samantha in Canada and Elidia in Haiti) and Grace Corps in your prayers
- Pray for the Lord's blessings to be poured on us abundantly.
- More of the children in the schools are in need of help.

July Mission Trip

I have safely arrived home last night Tuesday, August 14 2012.  Maguy and the girls minus Samantha (at camp) were there at the Bus station in Hamilton (about 15 minutes drive from Brantford) to meet me.  We were all excited and could not wait to be reunited.  I was exhausted.  Today I got my first daytime nap in a month.  I am still stiff from the hectic going around in Haiti. 
After a brief stay in the DR where I was able to fellowship with friends and family, I took the bus to Haiti on the next day.  In Haiti I was picked by my cousin Axan Abellard and stayed at his villa atop the mountains surrounding Port-au-Prince.  I could not ask for more.  We had regular prayer meetings. Twice, we left at 5am to go to church.  My cousin lost his wife during the terrible January 12, 2010 earthquake while she was at a prayer meeting.  I found him strong in the Lord and we were able to share of our Christian experience and faith with each other.  Soon I left his house for far more humble countryside destinations.  Even though we are related, it was the first time that I was actually getting to know and spend time with him.  I am more acquainted to his father who now suffers from Parkinson disease.  Haiti and Christ were at the center of our conversations.  There were uplifting and informative.  I told him about Grace Corps and our mission among the peasants he expressed some interest in visiting one of the villages with us one day.  
I was not able to use the old truck in Haiti. The money at my disposal did not allow for the renting of a 4X4 Motorcycle TaxiSUV at the rate of $150 to $250 a day.  My cousin, Junie, who was to go to Pestel with me did not make it past 30 miles away from Port-au-Prince.  When she realized that we might have to use public transport.  She got scared, bailed out and returned to Port. It was her first time as a missionary in Haiti.  Regular graduate from North American colleges don't usually make it even that far.  The Lord saw that she was not prepared for that type of backbreaking, hearth crunching experience among Haiti's humblest.  (She was the one who arranged for my staying at our cousin's villa) I was left alone.  I hired a private taxi to take me and my luggage to Cayes.  From there, being free to do what I came to do with the boldness that the Lord has given me, I hired a motorbike taxi to take me over the mountains to Pestel.  Six hours over tremendous hills, we faced the sun, the rain and at time the bone chilling breeze.  I arrived two full days after I left Port-au-Prince at destination.  The warmth of the welcome I got from the teachers made up for whatever difficulties and hardships met along the way.  Two of them are now representative of the Red Cross in their communities having been trained as Health and disaster first response unit agents as well.
The school in Binard closed two years ago.  The parents I was told could not afford paying the teachers.  BINARD still stands as a strategic point for the promotion of Christian education in the vicinity of Pestel-Baraderes.  We would like in the near future to reopen the school.
We were able to visit three of our four sites.  The time and fellowship with the teachers was so encouraging.  We gave them copies of the full version of the Bible Lessons "Kids Let's Praise The Lord".  We expect next year to organize workshops to refresh their skills on how to use this extremely valuable tool in the classrooms.
Grace Corps believes in lasting evangelistic impact.  That's why along with opportunistic faith sharing and gospel spreading such as we did while riding behind the taxi biker for six hours going to Pestel or in the Artibonite Valley while visiting the teacher for four hours we boldly presented Christ and him crucified. We did so at every opportunity that was offered to us.  But our evangelistic actions normally take place through the teachers in the classrooms.  Having experienced first hand the value of our training with the teachers, many other school masters are asking to be part of the Grace Corps consortium.
Back in Port-au-Prince our construction project continued.  We started the work in the school to put in modern facilities. It should end next week.  Only the actual toilets will not be in place.  Their prices range from $1000 to $1600 a piece for the most efficient ones.  Any help in this regard would be welcome.  (There are the used (refurbished) ones that run a little cheaper).
We are prayerfully considering to work with Brother Belizaire.  It seems that he could be an asset for Grace Corps along with Elidia and Brother Marc.  We are still waiting for the Lord to send the school master that we so badly need for the kindergarten level.  More works are to take place at the school before students can come back and regular school activities to resume.
One major work that was waiting for me was a major cleanup in the warehouse.  Five of us worked together and after two hard working days only half of the job was done.  That work is still on-going and actually taking place alongside with the building of the facilities.  
After a month away I was home sick and wanted to see the family.  But at least another month would have been needed for the job that required my presence to reach a manageable state.  That was one of the most tiring but so fulfilling mission trip ever.  No vehicle to go around.  I had to go against my own norm of security in Haiti and use the dreaded motorcyclist to take me places. I experience first hand the type of protection that the jealous God I served can exercise over those who are His. 
Your prayers acted as a shield to protect me all the time.  Even when I was travelling at night.  More will be said about the trip in our next newsletter.  A special thanks to you for your financial support that made that trip possible.  Continue to pray for us as we prepare for the December gift distribution and next July's conference.
In Him our Lord,