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Prayer Requests

-Please keep Robers, Maguy,  the girls (Nemy, Baly, Kimberly, Samantha in Canada and Elidia in Haiti) and Grace Corps in your prayers
- Pray for the Lord's blessings to be poured on us abundantly.
- More of the children in the schools are in need of help.

Update on Mission Trip to Haiti

Dear Friends,
My Passport is in.  I am getting ready for my first trip to Haiti in two years.  I must admit that I am a little perplexed about seeing the country lying in ruin after the earthquake.  But I must go to have a better understanding of the situation and plan the future of our ministry there.  Two (or four, I am waiting for words from two more) other missionaries are preparing to accompany me on that trip.  That will be their first mission trip.  We want you to keep us in your prayers as we travel to, in and from Haiti.
It will be a two week trip.  One week will be spent caring for the earthquake victims in any capacity that we can.  During that first week I will take on the colossal (because of lack of communication that will make difficult) work of finding how each of the students and teachers in the Fontamara school (CMNO) are doing.  There 86 of them before the quake.  I will also prepare for a meeting with them and integrate them in the plan to continue the school.  I intend to be alone doing this relatively dangerous work. I will be going into the shanty towns that surround the school location where most of the students come from.  Meanwhile the other team members will be at the AFCA village in Demas 33 where about 2000 people have taken refuge.  The region of Delmas was particularly hit hard by the quake.
The second week will be spent traveling to visit the Grace Corps schools that are still reachable along the southern peninsula.  For sure we will not be able to visit all of them.  That would require more than two weeks.  We intend to visit the main ones in Petit-Goave (2 of 8), Pestel-Baraderes (3 of 8) and Pestel-Mamolette (1 of 4).  These schools for the main part should not have hurt anybody even if they have collapsed.  Only Grand Bay, Zetwa and a few others are built with concrete blocks.  But still the others might be destroyed and many of the houses were the students live are affected.  
Any help to offset our cost for that trip is welcomed.  We also have to keep the families in mind.  When we visit them they would appreciate that we leave them with some money to buy their first necessities.
Donation categories
In the Memo part of your check write:
Acc: #32010-0 TRIP 03/2010 GENERAL USE FOR THE TRIP;
Acc: #32010-1 Relief Efforts (Food, water, just to bless people in Port),
Acc: #32010-2 Help for the teachers and students in Port-au-Prince
Acc: #32010-3 Help to families linked with Grace Corps schools
A donation of $20 US represent 800 Gdes in Haiti.  that is at lest four meals for a family of four
A donation of $125 US will buy a family a tent (They are supposed to be distributed for free but a friend of ours had to buy the tents that she needed one for 5000 gdes That is way beyond the reach of most families.  The alarming thing is that she has confirmed the fact that it was a Red Cross employee who sold her the tents, We don't know how wide spread the practice is).
Any donations to help with the school building needs to have in the memo field of the check "School Building" or Acc#. CMNO  The donation will be fully credited to the efforts to build the school CMNO in Fontamara, Port-au-Prince.
In the US please send donation to Grace Corps, Inc. P.O. Box 1313, Roswell, GA 30077
In Canada according to the CCCC a donation to a US based charity is tax exempt if it was drawn from a US account.  Such donations can be mailed to the US or to Grace Corps 97, Brantwood Park Rd, Brantford, ON N3P 1E9
In Canada donation in Canadian currency should be made payable and sent directly to the TABERNACLE CHURCH with "Grace Corps + Acc# " in the "For" or "Memo" section of the check.
Send donations to the Tabernacle of the Congregation Church, 61 St James S , Waterford, ON N0E 1Y0
Thank you so much for your continuing prayers.
For those of you in Canada the prayer meeting is at 7:30 pm.  on Wed.  Feb 24th.
Yours in Christ,