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Prayer Requests

-Please keep Robers, Maguy,  the girls (Nemy, Baly, Kimberly, Samantha in Canada and Elidia in Haiti) and Grace Corps in your prayers
- Pray for the Lord's blessings to be poured on us abundantly.
- More of the children in the schools are in need of help.


We would like to find a home for the school where the children can safely learn.

Students Sitting

The one  we would like to build (just like the current rented house) will be a Multi-purpose building used as:

1) School (Now Pre-K, Primary, Middle and High School)
2) Main Training Center (Teachers Training)
3) Grace Corps Headquarters in Por-au-Prince, Haiti
4) Vocational school (Computer, Sewing, English etc.)

Every year we needed at least $2000 US to pay the rent.  This year I just learn that our landlord intends to ask for $2500 US,  while the building is in its worst shape ever (the concrete roof is deteriorating, last year the toilets were all clogged at the same time, the walls need to be raised higher for security, a new gate to be added).  While rent is relatively cheap all necessary repairs (most of the time) fall on our shoulders so the real cost fluctuates every year between $2500-$3500.  And any modification done to the building benefits the landlord who only once had the courtesy to return part of our expenses.  So in ten years we would have paid roughly $33000 for just the occupancy of the building with absolutely no services or utilities.  The worse part is that we are talking about a building that does not have any yard connected to it, just two parking lots.
In Haiti, however, with twice this amount, with a good deal of "know how" one  can either purchase or lease a piece of land (lease is mostly pretty cheap depends on where the land is located.

So the goal is first and foremost to provide the children in our present school in Haiti with a safe place where they can learn.  Today the average tuition is less than $10US for a young person to attend the school.  The real cost for a student should be in average no less than $50US if we were to consider all the expenses at their real value.  There is no way we would be able to purchase land and build a school with what the parents are paying. 
Our vision is to keep the tuition of the school as low as needed in order that we may receive as many children as possible.  The more students to whom we are given a chance at demonstrating the love of Christ the more effective we will be at creating the environment that will prepare Haiti for the challenges ahead. 
The vision is twofold:
With 1) a  spiritual component and  2) social implications.
We firmly believe that Christian Education when well understood and serving as the basis for the scientific approach to learning and teaching holds the secret for success that will revolutionize a country and bring to nought all the dark forces that wage war against its youth.  The underlying motives of secular education being the banishment of God and the relativistic approach to morals in the affairs of mankind, the results are disastrous and can be felt across generations.  So Grace Corps believes that the spiritual and the social aspect as far education is concerned are so related that at certain level it is difficult to separate one from the other. 
Christ feeding of the 5000 (John 6), was this miracle a spiritual act or a social one?  We believe that the question is simply not relevant.  Christ never intended to separate the two.  The very fact that it was perform by Christ makes it spiritual and the benefit to the crowd is intrinsically social.   The spiritual as far as Christ's mission was concerned (which is the salvation of Man and the advancement of the kingdom of God) is intricately linked with the social.
Any Christian endeavor from the simplest act of kindness to the majestic preaching of the Gospel is a gem in God's eyes with two dimensions of beauty.  One that praises God another that dignifies Mankind.

By next year we are hoping to purchase a land and start the construction of a Christian school in Port-au-Prince.  By the time this project is over we hope to be able to receive more than 300 students for the regular school. 

We are also hoping to expand our training capacity and become an ISOM center where pastors will be sent and church planters and other Christian laborers will be at the forefront of a vast movement to claim Haiti for Christ in such subtle way that only results will reveal how much time and labor, devotion and prayers were conjugated to make it possible.

As stated before our spiritual goals are encrusted so deeply in our social goals or vice versa that one cannot and should not be distinguished from the other.  In a country like Haiti the preaching of the Gospel of Christ can be seen as the catalyst of individual, thus social change in such an extent that the very survival of the nation depends heavily on the expansion of the Kingdom of God.